Conference Program

March 13th

9h30 | Opening Session 

Auditorium 6, floor 0

Alice Donat Trindade (Vice-President of ISCSP-UTL)

Hermano Carmo (Chair of the Department of Anthropology – ISCSP-UTL)

Catarina Casanova (Scientific Committee – ISCSP-UTL)

10h00 – 10h45

Auditorium 6, floor 0

Chair: Maria de Fátima Amante (ISCSP-UTL)

Professor Roland Littlewood (University College London)

Freud, a century after Totem and Taboo

10h45 – 11h00 | Coffee Break

11.00 – 13.00

Session 1: Freud and Anthropology

Auditorium 6, floor 0

Chair: Filipa Fernandes (ISCSP-UTL)

Fausto Robalo Amaro (CAPP-ISCSP-UTL)

The incest taboo: a semiotic analysis of Freud´s Totem and Taboo

Manuela Harthley (Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicanálise)

Totem and Taboo revisited

Diana Espírito Santo (CRIA-FCSH)

‘Being there’? Remarks on the ecological ‘turn’ in anthropology and its bearing on understandings of mind and culture

Diniz Cayolla Ribeiro (UP)

Nietzsche and Freud on the genealogy of bad conscience

José Gabriel Pereira Bastos (CRIA-FCSH)

Para uma releitura pós-freudiana de ‘Totem e Tabu’ no contexto de um projeto de Antropologia Teórica

13h00 | Lunch Break

14h00 – 16h00

Session 2:  Culture, Language and Ritual

Auditorium 6, floor 0

Chair: Irene Rodrigues (ISCSP-UTL)

Mario Machaqueiro (FCSH-UNL)

João Carlos Silva (Jorge Peixinho High School, Montijo)

Inside and outside: from dark caves to bright societies. Psychoanalytic reading of Plato’s Allegory

Mira Elif Dermirhan (Marmara University, Istanbul)

A color naming study on Turkmen language

Ana Rita Veleda Oliveira (CES/FLUC – UC)

Anna Segher’s writing and the ritualization of trauma

Gonçalo Veiga (ICS-UL)

The evil eye: belief, cognition and causality

March 14th

14h00 – 15h45 

Film Session: A Dangerous Method (2011)

Auditorium 7, floor -1

15h45 – 16h00 | Coffee Break

16h00 – 17h15 | Round Table

Chair: Tânia Ganito

Luís Batalha (ISCSP-UTL)

Fausto Amaro (ISCSP-UTL)

Marina Pignatelli (CAPP-ISCSP-UTL)

José Gabriel Pereira Bastos (CRIA-FCSH)

17h00 – 17h15 | Closing Session

Auditorium 7, floor -1

Marina Pignateli (CAPP-ISCSP-UTL)


Comissão Organizadora

Catarina Casanova (ISCSP-UTL)

Filipa Fernandes (ISCSP-UTL)

Irene Rodrigues (ISCSP-UTL)

Tânia Ganito (ISCSP-UTL)

Marina Pignatelli (ISCSP-UTL)

Maria de Fátima Amante (ISCSP-UTL)


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